Misty Blue Monday

"Oh, it's been such a long, long time
Looks like I get you off my mind
Oh, but I can't
Just the thought of you
Turns my whole world
A misty blue💙"

-Dorothy Moore, Misty Blue, 1976


Like most kids growing up I had a crazy active imagination ( and still do). I would imagine different life scenarios...give objects personalities... O and in my house (though it was just my younger sister & I), I was declared Chief Director of barbie playtime because I could conjure up the best story lines between Barbie and the gang (not really sure if my sister really believed that or just went along with it cause I was older lol) 

Well as time went on and I grew older my imagination didn't dwindle down at all instead it switched from dolls onto my everyday life, particularly in my daily work life. As a vintage fashion curator...my objective is to find & pick the creme de la creme of vintage and usually when I do pick, the pieces that I'm most drawn to usually conjure up a story of its previous owners in my head.

When I found this particular gorgeous 60s shift dress at my vintage buddies. Comet, goodbye sale, I instantly begin singing Misty Blue, a 70s R&B hit by Dorothy Moore. I told you all I have an old soul lol... I dont know why that particular song pressed play in my head...maybe it was because for obvious reasons, the dress is a sky blue hue or that the silk fabric slight pattern looks as though it had been cried on before.....or maybe it was simply because I was saddened that my friends were closing their shop's doors😞


Any who in my head I instantly began to imagine how the dress was worn in the 60s by a woman  headed out to meet her love at their favorite restaurant, only to get there and listen to him break things off with her. I pictured her sitting their modelesque not shedding a tear while in his face but as soon as she made her exit, her tears falling, with a few drops hitting the spots where the dress is patterned ......Misty Blue. 


I'm secretly a lover of romantic melancholy songs and movies... so for this dress to press play on those things in my head. I knew she had to come home with me into PSB's shoppe! Classic and poise with a sense of romance this ruffled misty blue shift dress is truly a gem indeed. Find her in our etsy shoppe this upcoming week!