Misty Blue Monday

"Oh, it's been such a long, long time
Looks like I get you off my mind
Oh, but I can't
Just the thought of you
Turns my whole world
A misty blue💙"

-Dorothy Moore, Misty Blue, 1976


Like most kids growing up I had a crazy active imagination ( and still do). I would imagine different life scenarios...give objects personalities... O and in my house (though it was just my younger sister & I), I was declared Chief Director of barbie playtime because I could conjure up the best story lines between Barbie and the gang (not really sure if my sister really believed that or just went along with it cause I was older lol) 

Well as time went on and I grew older my imagination didn't dwindle down at all instead it switched from dolls onto my everyday life, particularly in my daily work life. As a vintage fashion curator...my objective is to find & pick the creme de la creme of vintage and usually when I do pick, the pieces that I'm most drawn to usually conjure up a story of its previous owners in my head.

When I found this particular gorgeous 60s shift dress at my vintage buddies. Comet, goodbye sale, I instantly begin singing Misty Blue, a 70s R&B hit by Dorothy Moore. I told you all I have an old soul lol... I dont know why that particular song pressed play in my head...maybe it was because for obvious reasons, the dress is a sky blue hue or that the silk fabric slight pattern looks as though it had been cried on before.....or maybe it was simply because I was saddened that my friends were closing their shop's doors😞


Any who in my head I instantly began to imagine how the dress was worn in the 60s by a woman  headed out to meet her love at their favorite restaurant, only to get there and listen to him break things off with her. I pictured her sitting their modelesque not shedding a tear while in his face but as soon as she made her exit, her tears falling, with a few drops hitting the spots where the dress is patterned ......Misty Blue. 


I'm secretly a lover of romantic melancholy songs and movies... so for this dress to press play on those things in my head. I knew she had to come home with me into PSB's shoppe! Classic and poise with a sense of romance this ruffled misty blue shift dress is truly a gem indeed. Find her in our etsy shoppe this upcoming week!





Monday Muse: The Supremes

Though born in the 90s, I adapted an old soul and love for yesteryear's fashions, films, and music due to my 50s born father. He was literally like a walking encyclopedia and truly a connoisseur of all the good stuff with large collections of vinyls, cds, films and so on. I have so many fond memories of us spending hours together singing along to 60s & 70s hits and watching a ton of black & whites movies.Therefore, now that I reflect upon it, it is really no surprise that I fell hard for all things glamorously vintage. By my teens, actresses such as Dorothy, Lena, Audrey, Pearl, Eartha, and Diahann all became my idols.

However it was because of a trio of songstresses, that my love affair with classic glamour, begun in the first place. At 6, 7, or 8 lol ( gosh I cant remember the exact age; I just know I was pretty young). I happen to stumble across one of my dad's Supremes albums and I instantly was in a trance. These women looked like goddesses in theses gorgeous glitzy ensembles. How cliche right? A Motown girl discovers her passion because of Motown lol. Even though it took me several years to really realize the full extent of my passion. That moment is definitely cemented in my head as the pivotal moment that I fell in love with fashion. Gosh its crazy to think that had I not seen that cover at that impressionable age, my life up til now could have been quite different. Seeing that cover without a doubt, stirred up a chain reaction of actions on my part. Due to my love for fashion, I went on to attend a fashion college where I met my husband and without my husband I wouldnt have my busy baby girl....because of my love for fashion Ive traveled, explored and lived in numerous cities outside my hometown.....because of my love for fashion Ive interned, shadowed, and worked in an array of areas within the industry which subsequently led to me starting this here, shoppe and this here blog. Therefore it is only right that my first fashion inspiration, The Supremes, be our first style muse highlighted on our Monday Muse series! 

The Supremes, c 1960s

The Supremes, c 1960s

I wont do a long bio on The Supremes because like really who doesn't know who this iconic group is?! But just in case  here's a short lil spiel on the. With twelve #1 pop singles, numerous gold recordings, sold out concerts, and regular tv appearances, The Supremes were not only the most commercially successful female group of the 60s, but among the top five pop/rock/soul acts of the decade.  As Motown's premier group, the original members consisted of Florence Ballard, Diane Ross and Mary Wilson. These women worldwide were symbols of black achievement and black womanhood! But not only were they slaying the charts their fashions were slaying as well. From matching skirt sets to ruffled ensembles to all sequinned or pearled gowns. This group literally served glamour on a platter! Which we're all about at PSB Vintage.

So if ever I find a piece that screams the Supremes, I thank the Thrift & Vintage Gods above and quickly scoop it up. Such was the case when I found this 60s ruffled hot pink dress at my buddy's Comet Vintage's store earlier this year. It reminded me right away of the picture I've seen of the group so many years ago,  (talk about coming full circle) so of course it was a winner in my eyes. Once I tried the piece on, it made me feel dainty, glam & simply supreme. Both this dress and the Supremes are true gems indeed......Happy Monday darlings!


Jassy Vintage Geek

Simply Supreme Dress, $40, Pearled Shoebox Vintage


Fashion History Friday : Floral Frenzy

For as far as back as I can remember when it's comes to fashion I would hear the term "what was once old is new again". As a teen I would come home from the mall raving about how I just scooped the hottest new trend and my mom would quickly correct me and tell me how she was wearing the same style back in such and such year. I heard this phrase so much coming up that as a know-it-all teen I just automatically filed it in my head as just another pretentious thing that "old folks" say lol. So when I arrived to college and found myself in a costume history class it was to my surprise that they really were telling the truth....everything that's new was once old. This is where my love for fashion history begin.

Fashion is a constant repetitive cycle, borrowing and adapting trends from the past and making them new. Its truly interesting to me. Therefore every other Friday I plan to give a little brief style history course. This evening's Fashion History Friday post (and our shoppe's gem) is dedicated to floral printed fashions....

80s Floral Blouse,  Pearled Shoebox Vintage,  $30

80s Floral Blouse, Pearled Shoebox Vintage, $30

Floral printed fashions have been one classic trend that really has never went out style since its inception hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Floral prints originates from the east and Asia; with floral silks from Japan & China and chintz (a glazed multi floral printed cotton) from India. Throughout history, traders brought fabrics with ornate floral designs to Europe where they sold for super high prices. Wearing these fashions were an instant status symbol.  Over time, European manufacturers began to replicate these floral fabrics to fit the European elite tastes at a cheaper price, and the rest is pretty much history.

In the US, floral prints, really took off in a big way during the Industrial Revolution, with textile production increasing exponentially, gone were the times of needing a master craftsmen to create flower motifs. Now these fashions could be easily accessed by women of all classes.

During the 1920's, with the growing emphasis on leisure and outdoor activities, floral prints for casual beachwear became available. Also during this time, new methods for printing fabrics were developed as well as an array of synthetic fabrics. These changes in fashion production meant that prices went down and people could obtain more clothes altogether - whether it was making it at home or buying them. Moving into the late 1940s through the 1950s, floral prints moved into everyday clothes for women, with the summer day dress being the most popular.

c. 1940s Street Style Shot

c. 1940s Street Style Shot

1942 Vintage Fashion Magazine

1942 Vintage Fashion Magazine

c 1954, Pinterest

c 1954, Pinterest

From then til now, floral prints continue to be iconic and truly have become a wardrobe staple in so many women closets. And its no surprise. They're pretty, symbolize femininity and just add a dash of loveliness to any piece! Dont you agree? Leave comments below are you a floral girl?



Jassy Vintage Geek

*Purchase details on this gem can be found here, in our etsy shop.

Floral Frenzy,  Pearled Shoebox Vintage , $30

Floral Frenzy, Pearled Shoebox Vintage, $30







Hello and Welcome


Im Jas, a Motown bred, Windy City living- cheese fry and froyo loving fashion history geek who also holds the titles as a happy wife, chic mother, fabulous daughter, awesome friend ( if I must say so myself )and last but not least the basis of this site, ladyboss of Pearled Shoebox Vintage.

Today is my business baby's 2nd birthday or shall I say reBirthday! But before I dive into the celebrations of the day I want to take it back to the start...Pearled Shoebox was this chic lil vintage & resale pop up store that I opened on this day back in 2014. At the time, PSB's product mix consisted only of shoes, handbags and a smidget of costume jewelry. I even coined a cute lil slogan to emphasize the shop's name "Where the shoes are the real gems".

During the past two years in business I've experienced highs, lows, delays, internal changes and just some real rough cringe worthy business owner blues that at one point  had me seriously debating on abandoning my dream business. ( No seriously, I completely ruined one particular date night by bursting out in tears thinking of my halted business ....talk about a buzzkill to a romantic evening of Japanese cuisine lol.) However despite the low moments, today I am excitedly choosing to press restart with a renewed focus, new outlook, new logo and new name (Well its the same name just an added word lol). I am happy to not only be adding vintage to the stores name but to also be adding clothing to our product mix! All of which will be from or inspired by my favorite style eras - 1940-1960s.  Which ultimately brings me to this wonderful blogging universe......

Regal Bombshell Vintage Dress :   Pearled Shoebox   ($65)

Regal Bombshell Vintage Dress : Pearled Shoebox ($65)

PSB Vintage's blog is first and foremost an outlet for me to find my voice, writing has always been the best method for me to effectively communicate without scrambling for words or stumbling over them completely nevertheless. (At times I can be a bit of a shy introverted extrovert.) Secondly its a place for me to dish all these dorky fashion history facts & oldie but goodies R&B lyrics I have stored in my head.  Thirdly, its a space that allows me to revel in all things glamorously vintage specifically black vintage glamour (Yes Im a true old soul indeed). Lastly, its a place for me to share my entrepreneurial journey as vintage shop gal and to showcase all the fabulous vintage fashions that are either in my shoppe or my vintage buddies' shops!

So ultimately I hope through this blog I can lend style inspo to the true retro loving gals out there and just build a community of vintage glam lovers. So please leave comments and lets chat! I look forward to connecting!


Happy reBirthday PSB Vintage....


Enjoy darlings,




Jassy Vintage Geek

Bear with me I'm still getting used to posing and being model-esque lol / Lipstick Printed Vintage Silk Scarf:   Pearled Shoebox  , $15

Bear with me I'm still getting used to posing and being model-esque lol / Lipstick Printed Vintage Silk Scarf: Pearled Shoebox, $15