Monday Muse: The Supremes

Though born in the 90s, I adapted an old soul and love for yesteryear's fashions, films, and music due to my 50s born father. He was literally like a walking encyclopedia and truly a connoisseur of all the good stuff with large collections of vinyls, cds, films and so on. I have so many fond memories of us spending hours together singing along to 60s & 70s hits and watching a ton of black & whites movies.Therefore, now that I reflect upon it, it is really no surprise that I fell hard for all things glamorously vintage. By my teens, actresses such as Dorothy, Lena, Audrey, Pearl, Eartha, and Diahann all became my idols.

However it was because of a trio of songstresses, that my love affair with classic glamour, begun in the first place. At 6, 7, or 8 lol ( gosh I cant remember the exact age; I just know I was pretty young). I happen to stumble across one of my dad's Supremes albums and I instantly was in a trance. These women looked like goddesses in theses gorgeous glitzy ensembles. How cliche right? A Motown girl discovers her passion because of Motown lol. Even though it took me several years to really realize the full extent of my passion. That moment is definitely cemented in my head as the pivotal moment that I fell in love with fashion. Gosh its crazy to think that had I not seen that cover at that impressionable age, my life up til now could have been quite different. Seeing that cover without a doubt, stirred up a chain reaction of actions on my part. Due to my love for fashion, I went on to attend a fashion college where I met my husband and without my husband I wouldnt have my busy baby girl....because of my love for fashion Ive traveled, explored and lived in numerous cities outside my hometown.....because of my love for fashion Ive interned, shadowed, and worked in an array of areas within the industry which subsequently led to me starting this here, shoppe and this here blog. Therefore it is only right that my first fashion inspiration, The Supremes, be our first style muse highlighted on our Monday Muse series! 

The Supremes, c 1960s

The Supremes, c 1960s

I wont do a long bio on The Supremes because like really who doesn't know who this iconic group is?! But just in case  here's a short lil spiel on the. With twelve #1 pop singles, numerous gold recordings, sold out concerts, and regular tv appearances, The Supremes were not only the most commercially successful female group of the 60s, but among the top five pop/rock/soul acts of the decade.  As Motown's premier group, the original members consisted of Florence Ballard, Diane Ross and Mary Wilson. These women worldwide were symbols of black achievement and black womanhood! But not only were they slaying the charts their fashions were slaying as well. From matching skirt sets to ruffled ensembles to all sequinned or pearled gowns. This group literally served glamour on a platter! Which we're all about at PSB Vintage.

So if ever I find a piece that screams the Supremes, I thank the Thrift & Vintage Gods above and quickly scoop it up. Such was the case when I found this 60s ruffled hot pink dress at my buddy's Comet Vintage's store earlier this year. It reminded me right away of the picture I've seen of the group so many years ago,  (talk about coming full circle) so of course it was a winner in my eyes. Once I tried the piece on, it made me feel dainty, glam & simply supreme. Both this dress and the Supremes are true gems indeed......Happy Monday darlings!


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Simply Supreme Dress, $40, Pearled Shoebox Vintage