Monday Muse: Donna Summer

"Ahaaw, I love to love you, baby
Ahaaw, I love to love you, baby
Ahaaw, I love to love you, baby
Ahaaw, I love to love you, baby"

- Donna Summer, Love to Love You Baby, 1975


This award winning beauty is known for her many disco hits however what I loved most about Donna Summer; or what I like to call her the Sequinned Queen, is that she had thee most effortless classic style. Versatile as ever......she alternated from Boho Chic to Soulfully Sensual to Retro Cool. She was such a style trailblazer, rocking trends effortlessly that we today are just now in a rage over. Synonymous with fabulous sequin ensembles, she is the sole inspiration behind every sequin piece that I curate. So much so that if the garment doesn't pass the WDWI (Would Donna Wear It?) rule, then it simply just cant be in the shoppe lol! Donna Summer was truly a powerhouse in all arenas especially fashion! So it was only right that we highlighted her amazing style in this month's Monday Muse post!

Below are a few pictures showcasing her glamorous style from the 70s/80s that I simply love to love!