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Im Jas, a Motown bred, Windy City living- cheese fry and froyo loving fashion history geek who also holds the titles as a happy wife, chic mother, fabulous daughter, awesome friend ( if I must say so myself )and last but not least the basis of this site, ladyboss of Pearled Shoebox Vintage.

Today is my business baby's 2nd birthday or shall I say reBirthday! But before I dive into the celebrations of the day I want to take it back to the start...Pearled Shoebox was this chic lil vintage & resale pop up store that I opened on this day back in 2014. At the time, PSB's product mix consisted only of shoes, handbags and a smidget of costume jewelry. I even coined a cute lil slogan to emphasize the shop's name "Where the shoes are the real gems".

During the past two years in business I've experienced highs, lows, delays, internal changes and just some real rough cringe worthy business owner blues that at one point  had me seriously debating on abandoning my dream business. ( No seriously, I completely ruined one particular date night by bursting out in tears thinking of my halted business about a buzzkill to a romantic evening of Japanese cuisine lol.) However despite the low moments, today I am excitedly choosing to press restart with a renewed focus, new outlook, new logo and new name (Well its the same name just an added word lol). I am happy to not only be adding vintage to the stores name but to also be adding clothing to our product mix! All of which will be from or inspired by my favorite style eras - 1940-1960s.  Which ultimately brings me to this wonderful blogging universe......

Regal Bombshell Vintage Dress :   Pearled Shoebox   ($65)

Regal Bombshell Vintage Dress : Pearled Shoebox ($65)

PSB Vintage's blog is first and foremost an outlet for me to find my voice, writing has always been the best method for me to effectively communicate without scrambling for words or stumbling over them completely nevertheless. (At times I can be a bit of a shy introverted extrovert.) Secondly its a place for me to dish all these dorky fashion history facts & oldie but goodies R&B lyrics I have stored in my head.  Thirdly, its a space that allows me to revel in all things glamorously vintage specifically black vintage glamour (Yes Im a true old soul indeed). Lastly, its a place for me to share my entrepreneurial journey as vintage shop gal and to showcase all the fabulous vintage fashions that are either in my shoppe or my vintage buddies' shops!

So ultimately I hope through this blog I can lend style inspo to the true retro loving gals out there and just build a community of vintage glam lovers. So please leave comments and lets chat! I look forward to connecting!


Happy reBirthday PSB Vintage....


Enjoy darlings,




Jassy Vintage Geek

Bear with me I'm still getting used to posing and being model-esque lol / Lipstick Printed Vintage Silk Scarf:   Pearled Shoebox  , $15

Bear with me I'm still getting used to posing and being model-esque lol / Lipstick Printed Vintage Silk Scarf: Pearled Shoebox, $15